Neurosurgery Neurosurgery unit at Calmette hospital is now developing more and more its human resources and new medical technologies to reach SEA healthcare standard.
We have been committed and had potential possibilities to succeed in our missions of care!

Our services
We provide various neurosurgical services for adult and children over 10 years; we have our neurosurgeons with experiences from different countries.
24/7 services provided include emergency cases, all kind of head trauma, medical consultation and treatment and surgery. Other specialties related to medical neurology, surgical endocrinology, rehabilitation and physiotherapy have been continuously developed.

To maintain and continue to improve the quality of care, various collaborations and cooperations have been actively promoted, especially with the team from France, through more than 4 missions a year for experience sharing.

Neuroscience Center (adult and pediatric neurosurgery) provides best facilities and services to our patients with 04 neurosurgery operating theaters, 08 beds of recovery, 08 consultations rooms, 39 beds of neurosurgery, a unit of neuro-ICU and a unit of medical neurology.

Human resource and Education: With Health Science University of Cambodia, neurosurgeon students have been trained every year in our specialized facilities.

Others activities
Education: local training and international training