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Dental Service

by | Feb 2, 2021

Our vision is that all people will have access to high quality, affordable dental care to improve their overall health in a convenient, caring, and respectful environment. Good teeth, good health!


Our mission is to provide culturally sensitive community oral health care, preventive education, professional training, and to advocate for access for all according to Calmette hospital policy and management.

1. Oral and Dental Check Up

2. Dental X-ray: Dental panoramic and cephalometric X-ray

3. Restorative dentistry :Dental filling


4. Root canal treatment

5. Gum treatment

A- Dental scaling
B- Root planning
C- Gingival surgery

6. Dental Prothesis

A- Porcelain Dental Crown and Bridge
B- Removable Denture
C- Complete Denture

7. Oral medicine and Oral Pathology

A- Oral Cancer Screening
B- Oral Pathology Diagnosis and Treatment
C- Oral biopsy

8. Oral Surgery


A- Oral soft tissue surgery
B- Dental Surgery
C- Wisdom tooth removal
D- Impacted teeth removal
E- Apicoectomy
F- Radicular Cyst enucleation
G- Dental trauma
H- Jaw Bone surgery
I- Maxillo Mandible Fixation
J- Dental Abscess Management
K- Dental Extraction

9. Orthodontic Treatment

A- Removable Appliance
B- Fix Appliance
C- Retainer

10. Dental implant

A- Immediate dental implant
B- Bone augmentation surgery
C- Sinus Lift Surgery
D- Dental implant maintenance

11. Cosmetic Dentistry

12. Management of Temporo -Mandible disorder

13. PRF Theraphy

14. Dental Laser Therapy

15. Oral Surgery under General Anesthesia

Dr. Phal Vatanak, DDS, MSc


General Dentist and Oral Maxillo facial surgeon

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  • 2010: Doctor of Dental surgery at University of Health and Science
  • 2012: Certificate of Orthodontic Treatment ( Korea)
  • 2017: Master of Oral Maxillo Facial surgery at International University
  • 2018: Advanced Dental implantology at New York University
  • 2020: Advanced Dental implantology at Harvard University